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HiFinity sliding system with open corner solution, featured in Belgian contemporary private house.
EcoSystem 50 Doors, EcoSystem 50 Windows, ConceptFolding 77 Sliding & Folding and ConceptPatio 130 Sliding & Folding - House Nobile Private Residence located inAustralia

ConceptFolding 68

Endless enjoyment
  • Elegant folding doors with small sightlines
  • Affordable but qualitative design
  • From 2 to 8 vents, opening any way you want
ConceptFolding 77 Sliding & Folding and ConceptSystem 77 Windows - House Private House Antwerp 8 located in Antwerp, Belgium

ConceptFolding 77

Invite nature into your building
  • High-quality folding doors
  • Best in class element sizes
  • From 2 to 8 vents, opening any way you want
ConceptPatio 130

ConceptPatio 130

Aesthetic functionality
  • Very complete offer with various opening types.
  • Excellent balance between performance and affordability
  • Unique low threshold renovation-friendly profile

ConceptPatio 155

Sophistication for quality and insulation
  • Enables large elements in a variety of opening types.
  • Burglarproof and even hurricaneproof variants available
  • Fixed glass panels up to 1500kg
ConceptPatio 68 Sliding & Folding, ConceptSystem 59Pa Windows and ConceptPatio 45Pa Sliding & Folding - House Villa Boulmane located inMorocco

ConceptPatio 45Pa

Less is more
  • Affordable highquality noninsulated slider
  • Available in multiple styles
  • Ideal for renovation in warmer climates

ConceptPatio 50

Discrete functionality
  • Discrete functionality
  • Choice between stainless steel or aluminium rail
  • Several new configurations like central sliding, build-in slididng
TS 68 and ConceptFolding 77 Sliding & Folding - House Private House Le Pouliguen located in Le Pouliguen, France

ConceptPatio 68

Elegance, Comfort and Security
  • Small sightlines for maximised daylight entrance
  • Large variety of configurations, including open corner and pocket doors
  • Ideal for renovation in moderate climates.

CP 96-LS

Safety and durability at a fair price
  • A high end complete sliding door solution which makes the combination of high insulation and large dimensions possible
  • Based on the exquisite know how of Reynaers regarding sliding doors
  • Fabrication and logistical ease; minimal number of profiles, compatible with CS 77
Hi-Finity Burglarproof


The infinite view
  • Ultimate design freedom, matching each project requirement
  • Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall fully concealed profiles
  • Elegant lines and an unobstructed view
MasterPatio 3-rail


Crafted by Masters
  • Standard high-insulating system with high-rise ready performances..
  • Sustainable through recycled materials and reduced waste during production.
  • Compatible with our MasterLine 8 system, converting it into an easy to produce floor-to-ceiling facade.
CS 77 Hidden Vent Windows, HiFinity Sliding & Folding and ConceptSystem 77 Windows - Private Apartment Casa D located in Ragusa, Italy

SlimPatio 68

Panoramic view and comfort
  • Minimalist design, maximises daylight entrance
  • Selection of opening types to complement any project
  • Concealed frame best suited for new builds

Why aluminium?

The most important reasons to consider aluminium for your next project
  • Lifetime
  • Insulation
  • Design
  • Sustainability
  • Colours
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Investment
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