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BREEAM logo in front of glass façade.
15 Mar 2022

BREEAM certification: how does it work?

BREEAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a highly popular certification system that globally recognises sustainable building projects. How does it work? And how can Reynaers Aluminium products make your project BREEAM-certified? Find out in this article.

The BREEAM certificate is a reliable quality and sustainability label. It is awarded to projects that pay attention to sustainable building design and that reduce the environmental impact of their products as much as possible. BREEAM evaluates your building on several sustainable categories and awards credits, weighted for each category. The result is a final building score that ranges from “BREEAM Pass” to “BREEAM Outstanding.”

Front view of tube-shaped DC New Logic III distribution centre.

Green building with Reynaers Aluminium

The right choice of joinery can help your project earn credits during the certification process. Reynaers Aluminium focusses on the following BREEAM categories (according to BREEAM International New Construction 2016) to make your home as sustainable as possible:

  • Health and wellbeing – we ensure thermal and acoustic performance, visual comfort, and indoor air quality, all so you can live in a healthy and sustainable building.
  • Energy – we reduce the energy consumption of your project by offering highly insulated solutions.
  • Materials – we provide recycled, low-carbon aluminium products, designed to last a lifetime.
  • Pollution – we limit the noise pollution in and around buildings so residents can enjoy some welcome peace of mind at home.
  • Innovation – we continue to create innovative and sustainable solutions that raise the value of your project to new heights.

At Reynaers Aluminium, we do whatever we can to help you raise your project’s BREEAM score. Our specialist offer professional advice when you are choosing sustainable aluminium systems for your building. They provide you with the right documents and certificates so you can pass the BREEAM, LEED or Cradle to Cradle assessment successfully.


DC New Logic III – Habeon Architecten (architects), Hennie Raaymakers (photographer)